Francesco Giglio

About me

I was born about 40 years ago in the South of Italy. Since I can recall, I always loved clothes. I remember watching my father getting dressed for work each day and helping him pick out just the right tie. One of my best memories is when he took me to shop for the first time at his favorite store. My mom still keeps the suit that I whore to my 18th birthday party. During my college years, I gave fashion advice to my friends, often unsolicited. My nickname then was, “Uomo Vogue”.

As my college graduation present I requested my first bespoke suit, shirt and tie. I keep them to this day. Having said all of this, I never thought I would work in the fashion business. That is until I came to New York City almost 11 years ago. There I did my practice, i paid my duties, and now I am ready to strike out on my own.

About the company

The H Room is my attempt to recreate the qualities of an early 1900 tailor shop in Naples, Rome or Milan but in an updated and contemporary version. The H Room is an haberdashery, a place where a man of refined taste can find everything he wants for his wardrobe and receive all the sartorial and styling advice he needs.

The H Room is Italian, a place where buyers and fashion professionals can find the best independent Italian companies ready to enter the US market.